Hello, December!

Some say it's memorable month. Some say it's time for vacation. For me, December is the second best after September. As many decoration and ornament of Christmas that can be found, December is a festive month. Christians will celebrate the Nativity of Jesus Christ, so I call it the month of modesty.

Some people usually go shopping for end-year sale. Some of my friends will start baking cookies and sell it. Some habitudes of mine on December are:

  1. My job will go like crazy in early of December. Students will have tests and teachers will be busy preparing the materials and make try out tests. In the middle of December, some students will postpone and they will be back in January. Some students that still come mostly will have the sessions in the morning.
  2. On the last day of work, all staff in the office will have dinner together is a restaurant. We'll close the year with a big feast.
  3. I'll set up the Christmas tree in my house. Every year, we have different theme. I haven't got any idea for this year's theme, but yesterday I saw many pines in a basket. Maybe the theme will be like go-green. I have no idea yet.
  4. Family vacation. This year my family (my parents and my brothers) is going to Yogyakarta. We are going to clean up our house which was covered by the ash of Mt. Merapi that erupted last month. We are planning to go to Ambarawa and some beaches. I like beaches in Gunung Kidul. The special thing about this year vacation is some friends will join me and stay in my house. I think we're going to go around temples, beaches, and food stalls.
  5. Midnight shopping with my boyfriend is a must. He's the best companion man for shopping. He'll be patient waiting for me and help me to choose the clothes. He never complains and in return, I'm going to wait for him choosing the outfits. 
So, I wish you a month of joy, happiness, and spirit. :)