Hello, December!

Some say it's memorable month. Some say it's time for vacation. For me, December is the second best after September. As many decoration and ornament of Christmas that can be found, December is a festive month. Christians will celebrate the Nativity of Jesus Christ, so I call it the month of modesty.

Some people usually go shopping for end-year sale. Some of my friends will start baking cookies and sell it. Some habitudes of mine on December are:

  1. My job will go like crazy in early of December. Students will have tests and teachers will be busy preparing the materials and make try out tests. In the middle of December, some students will postpone and they will be back in January. Some students that still come mostly will have the sessions in the morning.
  2. On the last day of work, all staff in the office will have dinner together is a restaurant. We'll close the year with a big feast.
  3. I'll set up the Christmas tree in my house. Every year, we have different theme. I haven't got any idea for this year's theme, but yesterday I saw many pines in a basket. Maybe the theme will be like go-green. I have no idea yet.
  4. Family vacation. This year my family (my parents and my brothers) is going to Yogyakarta. We are going to clean up our house which was covered by the ash of Mt. Merapi that erupted last month. We are planning to go to Ambarawa and some beaches. I like beaches in Gunung Kidul. The special thing about this year vacation is some friends will join me and stay in my house. I think we're going to go around temples, beaches, and food stalls.
  5. Midnight shopping with my boyfriend is a must. He's the best companion man for shopping. He'll be patient waiting for me and help me to choose the clothes. He never complains and in return, I'm going to wait for him choosing the outfits. 
So, I wish you a month of joy, happiness, and spirit. :)

3532 days since the day.

with you, A.K.S :)

Do not give in too much to feelings. An overly sensitive heart is an unhappy possession on this shaky earth. Humor is very very risky, particularly for a candidate, unless he's been in so long that it just doesn't matter, and he's not running for president. But it's just that people are so sensitive and so touchy, and you're just going to upset somebody without ever realizing it. I guess we're living in a pretty sensitive world and there's nothing you can do about that. Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use. Men are just as sensitive, and in some ways more sensitive, than women are. Sensitive, responsive, eagerly welcomed everywhere, the drama, holding the mirror up to nature, by laughter and by tears reveals to mankind the world of men. We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.

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Some call it weird

  1. I don't like my fried instant noodle spicy.
  2. I seldom use headphones more than 15 minutes.
  3. I sometimes wake up in the morning with strong feeling of wanting a baby girl.
  4. Home appliance that I want the first is washing machine.
  5. I'll murmur 'mmm-mmm' if I think someone talking too fast and too boring.
  6. I hope scientist will find an egg with all yolk.
  7. I'll stop writing if I find it's too random.
  8. ..|

    Been there. Done that.

    I haven't written for some time and I had two vacations. :)

    Australia - Sydney, Brisbane, Goldcoast, & Melbourne.

    Yippie!! Finally My two bros and I stepped our feet on Kangaroo's continent. I like Australia.Sydney was clean and well-organized city. The weather was nice to enjoy some night-walks with my little brother. The blocks was well-organized and easy to remember. Some high school students were having a kind of prom night, riding a limo version of Hummer, & screaming excitedly. It was pretty city life. Goldcoast has nice, long and clean beach. We spent three nights there. We visited Dreamworld and Movieworld. The most memorable ride was Superman roller coaster at Movieworld. It kinda made me shaking but was really cool. So bad that we couldn't try Tower Of Terror because they were repairing it and going to make it into Tower Of Terror 2. I got so much pleasure at Goldcoast, I celebrated my birthday at Dreamworld, and I had dinner, without birthday cake, with my brothers. The last city was Melbourne. It was beautiful city with leafless trees. The gardens were pretty. I just spent a day at Melbourne. I wish I could spend more days and enjoy more places at Melbourne. It was still quite cool early spring but the view was still stunning.

    Jakarta - an Island @ Thousand Islands, Tidung.

    Some friends and I planned to have a hideaway yet refreshing weekend. We chose Tidung Island as it is popular and many people talk about it. We went there by boat. The beaches weren't clean and we could see many trashes. The sea was nice and clear. Some parts of the sea were shallow so we could see the bottom of the sea. The bridge was long and cracked so we have to be careful with our steps. There was a bridge called 'Love Bridge'. The belief is if a couple jumps together, their love will last forever. The bridge was about 5 meters high. Since my boyfriend didn't want (read: didn't dare) to jump and neither did my friends, so I jumped by myself. Twice. I felt wrought-up but after that, I felt happy :D I just like to do things related to height. I was so thankful because the weather was sunny.

    Looking forward to enjoying another view, another beach, another experience.
    Life's Good, isn't it?


    On Vacation

    Holiday is on.
    I'm on vacation.
    Another country to visit.
    Another continent to step my feet.

    Have a nice holiday, everyone :)

    Packing (non) pusing

    I'm packing up.

    Saya suka packing. Bisa jadi karena saya suka banget jalan-jalan, jadi exctiting banget untuk urusan beginian plus ngurusin printil-printilan. Seru rasanya ngitungin berapa celana panjang, celana pendek plus kaos atau jaket sambil ngebayangin yang ini di mix'n'match sama yang itu. Satu-satunya problem saya ketika packing buat liburan adalah jumlah undies. Alasannya yaitu karena tidak bisa dipakai dua kali, ngga mungkin nyuci plus mesti bawa dengan rumus: Jumlah hari x 2.  Kali ini saya akan pergi selama 8 hari dan menurut rumus saya, saya harus membawa 16 buah. Selesai menghitung, saya biasanya buka lemari, melihat bagian yang paling atas, mengambil, mulai menghitung, dan kurang! Sebenernya saya tipe perempuan yang rajin shopping untuk urusan 'dalem' tapi entah kenapa selalu kurang kalo mau packing. Hal lain yang berbeda dalam packing kali ini, saya harus membawa stok pembalut. Ya, betul sekali. Jalan-jalan kali ini bersamaan dengan jadwal si merah berkunjung. But no worry! Nothing can stop me enjoying my vacation.

    Can't wait 'til Thursday :)

    Life | Puzzle

    You have your own puzzle called LIFE.
    You'll never know the right place for the right piece
    before you try for several time.
    Sometimes you put the wrong piece in the wrong place.
    but it gets easier as you try harder and harder.
    Can you solve yours?
    Will you always try hard to make every piece right?

    - somehow, the more you solve, the more you get puzzled -

    Odd or Diferrent?

    Odd (adj.): Strange, Peculiar
    Different (adj.): Differing from all others, Unusual

    What are you my friend?
    Are you different? or are you odd?
    It's not only about wearing different uniform as you break the rules.
    It's not about the red cardy you wore when the rest wore Batik.
    It's not about your grey T-shirt you wore when all staff wore black.
    Are you being different?
    Or are you becoming odd?
    It's not only about your public-secret problems when the rest kept them privately.
    It's not only about your fake loud laughter when the rest was working.
    It's not about your silence, my friend.
    Silence is needed sometimes, but not for diverting your problem with others.
    Are you hoping everyone in this world feels pity about you?
    Are you hoping that everyone in this world understands, sympathizes, tolerates you?
    Every human being who has heartbeats is having problem, my friend.
    Everyone who's conscious has ever stumbled over a stone.
    Even a donkey won't fall down into the same hole.
    We all have something in common.
    The difference is...
    People solve their problem, but you live in your problem.
    People fall down and try to get up, but you stuck in your maze.
    A dead-end. A blind alley. A stalemate.
    Are we living in the same world?
    Are we breathing the same air?
    Are you too afraid to live the reality?
    Is the reality leaving you far behind so you can't chase it?

    Are you going insane?

    Don't Sweat Small Stuffs?

    He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.
    (Luke 16:10)

    Barangsiapa setia dalam perkara-perkara kecil, ia setia juga dalam perkara-perkara besar. Dan barangsiapa tidak benar dalam perkara-perkara kecil, ia tidak benar juga dalam perkara-perkara besar. 
    (Lukas 16:10)

    Don't Sweat small stuffs.

    So, here's a boy . . . (Part 2)

    So here's a boy. A nice one. Maybe a guilty one.
    Sent me message.

    So here's a boy. Was still awake at dawn.
    Apologized. Said sorry.

    So here's a girl. Didn't have a hard feeling yet disappointed.
    Read it with smile in the morning.

    So here's a girl. Easy to fogive.
    Hoped everything would be okay.
    Forgiven not forgotten.

    So, here's a boy . . .

    So here's a boy. A friend of mine. A piece of past.
    Asked me out for movie.

    So here's a boy. A friend to share. A pal to laugh.
    Told that he'd be there.

    So here's a boy. A very tentative person.
    Didn't answer me at all. Didn't cancel anything.
    Didn't tell me anything.

    So here's a boy. An unsure person.
    Never showed up on the day.

    So here's a boy. An easy going one.
    Feeling unguilty, greeted me on a soc med.

    So here's the girl. A mindful one.
    Disappointed and mad.

    I'm a drinker

    A friend of mine called me Drinker. I do love to drink much much better than to eat. I don't really like eating (I hate rice the most). Beside water, at least I drink 3 until 4 different drinks a day. Here they are:

    • Tea: This is family's habit. My mom always asks my maid to brew some cups of tea and put them on the living room's table. In fact, my mom and I have different taste of tea. She likes the original one and I like Jasmine tea better. If I do the monthly shopping, I always pick Jasmine tea. I love many kinds of tea. I like Twining's Darjeeling Tea and English Breakfast Tea. I also like green tea. But still, I love Jasmine tea the most because of its relaxing flavor and smell.
    • Coffee: I love to try any kind of coffee. Coffee is my private adventure, a loyal friend in my heart. I love latte or machiatto better than cappuccino. I love fancy coffee with caramel. Hot or cold is not a matter. I just love coffee as the way it is. I usually drink coffee between 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. or after office hours with friends in the nearest coffee shop. Any kind will do my mood. 
    • Soya Milk: Since my dad bought that so called instant soya milk maker, I always drink this beverage everyday. Sometimes I drink it in the morning, sometimes I put it in the office's refrigerator and I'll drink it around 4 p.m. Actually, I always love soya milk since I was small. My mom or dad needed to buy or order from Auntie Putri if we wanted to drink. But now we have the machine, My maid can grind and boil the water at the same time using that machine. Btw, my dad always makes the delicious one. I don't know how but he always puts enough sugar and enough ginger.
    • Tomato Juice: This one is also daily routine. My mom and dad have juice-drinking habit. They've been doing that for years. They always drink carrot and apple juice every morning. I want to follow their good habit but I don't like carrot and apple. So, I choose tomato with a little milk. I always drink this every morning. It's been almost a month I'm drinking it. I hope I can make my skin healthier and I also need its antioxidant.
    • Chocolate Milk: Another favorite of mine! My fave is Dancow choco milk. I drink milk to replace my dinner and to make me sleep more soundly. My mom said it took an hour to spoon-feed me but it only took few minutes for me to finish my milk and I always ask for more. 
    Those are my daily beverages, not included any bottle tea at lunch or soft drink. I only drink root beer for soft drink. I hate Cola.

    What are you? Drinker or Eater?


    Since I have a big God, so here are my big #septemberwish(es):

    Rambut bisa cepet panjangan #septemberwish
    Dapet kado spesial dari pacar pas ultah #septemberwish
    Aussie traveling berjalan mulus #septemberwish
    Jangan 'dapet' pas lg ke Aussie #septemberwish
    Laptop baru #septemberwish
    Banyak kado pas ultah #septemberwish
    pacar pulang dr Medan #septemberwish
    wajah stop mengelupas #septemberwish

    God, roger that?

    Thanks God Someone Invented Coffee

    Coffee, all the goodness of life in a cup.

    finding a way

    S o m e | s e a r c h

    N e v e r | f i n d i n g | a | w a y

    (and how I miss someone, when hope begins to fade)

    Quality time with cousins

    Sabtu-Minggu kemaren gue dan beberapa sepupu jalan-jalan singkat ke Bandung. Udah lama banget nggak hang-out dan ketawa-ketiwi bareng mereka, jadi pergilah kita berenam (plus 1 supir) ke Bandung. Lumayan dapet beberapa tempat (tapi banyak foto) walaupun Bandung hujannya lama nggak berhenti-henti, but nothing's gonna stop us :p

    1. Pertama kita ngunjungin Golden Bell Martabak bolu, dan ternyata di situ juga punya barang-barang yang di jual untuk di FO. then, all the girls decided to buy pajamas :D untuk malemnya kita mau Pajamas party :D Martabak Bolu coklat kejunya Yummyyy :D
    2. Abis dapet piyama dan martabak bolu, kita lanjut ke Kampung Baso :) Karena emang niat icip-icip, kita pesen yang beda-beda. Ada yang pesen Cheese meat ball, smoked-beef meat ball, Bakso udang, Bakso gepeng, dan bakso urat. Abis makan kita foto-foto (niat narsis udah janjian pake baju full color) tapi ngga lama hujaaaannnn :( yang membuat kita harus menunggu lumayan lama sampe agak reda.
    3. Setelah hujan lumayan reda, kita melanjutkan perjalanan ke Rumah Sosis. Kita cuma pesen satu grilled-sausage with barbecue sauce karena ngga semua suka sosis dan juga cuma mau icip-icip.
    4. Setelah Rumah Sosis, perjalanan di lanjutkan ke Ciwalk. Hangout di mall dan jalan di sepanjang Cihampelas untuk beli oleh-oleh keripik dan kaos bandung. Sepupu gue sempet beli jaket juga (Rp. 55.000) karena gerimis tak kunjung berhenti dan dingin. Gue sendiri merasa saltum karena pake celana pendek (abis kepikiran mau santaii)
    5. Abis hangout di seputaran Cihampelas, kita lanjut cari makan malem (bukan cari makanannya, tapi nyari jalannya) dan kita nyasar sampe Buah Batu - Kalapa, padahal mau ke Jl. Riau doang -.- Kita dinner Nasi Kalong (bukan daging Kalong). yah, lumayan yummie, dan nasinya UNGU :p
    6. Belum puas juga 'menyiksa' perut, kita jalan lagi muter-muter nyari Madtari. Madtari tuh tempat roti bakar, pisang bakar, dll. Lumayan muter-muter nyari tempat makan ini, dan pas nyampe BUSET rama banget! pol! tapi emang enak sih, kejunya: gak nanggung-nanggung :D
    7. Karena penuh, kita mutusin untuk bungkus roti dan pulang ke Rumah Cimahi. sempet mampir minimarket untuk beli beberapa minuman dan cemilan, pas sampe, nggak ada yang berani mandi. Di rumah, kita main kartu, santai-santai, ketawa-ketiwi lalu tidur.
    8. Pagi-pagi bangun (jam 7 sih) bikin sarapan trus beres-beres, dan berangkat ke Ciwidey!
    9. Tujuan di Ciwidey: Kawah Putih! langsung deh keluar kamera plus gaya. sangat disayangkan tiket masuknya yang sungguh mahal. ya gue ngga tau juga sih, apa konservasi dan perawatan Kawah Putih memang butuh banyak biaya tapi menurut gue kemahalan sih.
    10. Abis dari Kawah Putih, kita balik ke daerah buah batu dan beli parfum titipan di In Perfume. Tempat ini juga poolll ruamenya, padahal disebelah-sebelahnya ada toko parfum juga tapi sepi, ngga ada yang beli.
    11. Karena ngantrinya panjang dan lumayan habisin waktu di toko parfum, finally kita mampir HokBen untuk beli makanan dan makannya di jalan. Supaya ngga kemaleman nyampe Jakarta, kita mutusin untuk cari makan yang gampang dan ringkas.

    I'm really really looking forward to the next trip.
    and Bandung wasn't that boring as I thought.

    it was a really nice trip :)

    foto-foto ada di sini

    Why do we have to drink milk?

    Lembah Jaya Kamuning Farm: Manfaat SUSU: "Setiap 100 gram susu terkandung panas sebesar 70.5 kilokalori, protein sebanyak 3.4 gram, lemak 3.7 gram, mengandung kalsium sebesar 125 m..."

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    Once upon a time, when the sky was covered with blue
    Once upon a time, when the sun was smiling too
    We’re just common people with an ordinary look
    We’re just common people with an ordinary love
    And once upon a time, when I fell in love with you?
    Mocca - Once upon a time..

    Once upon a time:

    • I was a nail-bitter
    • I was a Balinese dancer and always positioned in the middle and front line
    • I wanted to be a doctor
    • I liked pink
    • I got 4 for English in my report book
    • I idolized Devon Sawa
    • I named my dolls
    • I slept with lights off
    • I was hated by my Maths teacher
    • I loved tartan skirt
    • I had lyrics books
    • I collected stamps
    • I put posters (from magazines) on the wall of my bedroom
    We're just common people
    I'm just common person

    Happy Independence day, Indonesia!

    On this independence day...

    Q: Did you join any flag ceremony?
    A: No.

    Q: Did you raise any flag in your house?
    A: No. Maybe my dad did, but I haven't checked yet.

    Q: Did you join the ceremony which you got the invitation from your neighbour?
    A: No.

    Q: Did you watch the flag ceremony from National Palace?
    A: No.

    Q: So, what did you do?
    A: I watched DVD all day, I did nail art, and I browsed the internet.

    Q: What have you done for your country?
    A: I teach children. I want to make smarter generation. maybe it counts only zero point something something for this country but never underestimate small efforts, rite?

    Q: Do you love your country?
    A: mmmmm......

    What do you think? Do I love my country?
    Anyway, happy 65th anniversary, Indonesiaku. :)

    Wake me up when August ends

    Fast forward to September, please?

    1. There will be so many birthdays. My friends' birthday, my dad's birthday, and my own birthday. I don't really wait for my birthday. Why? Somehow, I like being 23. It's in the middle. Being 24 is scary. There will be more people asking when to get married. Being 24 means getting closer to 25 and people think 25 years old is the most exact age to get married, a ripe woman. okay, maybe it's just my theory, but it IS scary.
    2. There'll be 25th-year anniversary of my parents and I'm planning some surprise.
    3. I'm goin' to travel to Australia! Yippiee. This one is a special edition because I'll be only with my brothers. My parents will be having another tour to China as they are invited by a Chinese company. My tour will be so much fun since this is the first time I step my feet on the continent of Australia.
    4. My special one will be back to the town. i can't be happier.
    So, can't we just finish August as soon as possible?


    My life is suck without you

    Long distance relationship is definitely not my thing.

    The very first time I had my long distance relationship was when my boyfriend left me for going to college in Bandung. It was 7 years ago. We had our two-years relationship and finished our high school at the same year. He decided to leave Jakarta. When he left, we still worked on our relationship. He went to a college with a boarding house for boys and that made a serious problem to communicate. Then, we failed.

    Years passed by, now, with the same person, I have to do long distance relationship in (maybe) different ways. We have grown up. We work now. He is leaving me for the sake of the future (hopefully). I am not a frivolous babyish high school girl who will scream out or freak out when her boy is leaving but I'm screwed up.

    I'm not a type of girl who wants 24/7 attention or affection or flowery words. I just miss his companion. I miss talking and laughing about bric'a'bracs when eating burger. I miss him reminding me to eat rice more, and I miss his shoulder to put my head on after one week of hecticity.

    provided with any technologies, still, I'm longing you here.
    I miss you :(

    Cities I've visited

    When I was visiting my friend's Facebook, I saw an app "Cities I've visited". After that I tried it because I wanted to know how many countries and cities I've ever visited. One of my dreams is traveling all over this world. I really really wanna see breath-taking views, experience other cultures, and superb things men created. I know, I realize that money will be the first importance. :)

    After I tried "Cities I've Visited", I found out that I've visited 64 cities in 16 countries. However, I didn't click some cities in Indonesia. I just chose the ones that I experienced.
    Here's the list:

    Africa: Egypt
    Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
    Europe: Belgium, France, Italy, Vatican, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland
    Middle east: Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Israel, Abu Dhabi, West Bank & Gaza

    My favorite Cities are:

    Zaandijk, The Netherlands
    This city has traditional windmills and the houses look like the ones you see in Christmas greeting card. Very beautiful.

    Titisee, Germany
    This city is where original cuckoo clock comes from. It has beautiful lake view, and the houses are like doll houses in storybooks. The European-style houses with snow will make you feel you are in the storybooks :)

    Bunaken Island, Manado, Indonesia
    This is the place where I scuba-dived for the first time and until today, I won't forget the heaven under the sea. It's magnificent!!

    I have never visited America and I want to visit America, especially San Francisco, one day. For Australia, I'm planning to visit Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane on September. Some places that I want to visit are Prague, San Francisco, Belize, and Spain.

    Always have my finger crossed :)


    Name: Sam
    DOB: Unknown
    Mom: Unknown
    Dad: Unknown
    Breed: Shih Tzu
    Color: White - Brown - Black
    Size: Standard

    Sangat berbeda dengan Jasper, Sam adalah anjing yang sangat tenang, lovely, dan sangat menikmati kalo sedang dimanja. Sam dikasih temen bokap pas Valentine 2009. Sam sebenernya anjing legal yang ada suratnya, cuma suratnya nggak dikasih, yang tersisa hanya tato dikupingnya. Andaikan bisa di cek di PerKin, gue pengen banget tau asal-usulnya dia dan yang paling penting tanggal lahirnya dia.

    Shih Tzu adalah anjing yang sangat sulit dalam hal grooming. Makanya bulu Sam sangat sulit untuk di bikin selalu rapi, dan dia juga udah pernah di botakkin sekali (dan saat itu dia sangat stress dan jadi malu plus sedih selama semingguan).

    Sam itu sangat-sangat lovely ketika di elus-elus. Dia akan pejamin matanya dan menikmati elusan kita. Dia juga selalu kena marah sama Jasper kalo lomba lari si Jasper kalah(terus ngga terima). Sam paling suka gigit-gigit kain dan dia harus selalu dikuncir. Sam suka banget sama susu dan dia juga setia nemenin kalo ada org yang belum tidur.

    He's a very lovely and loyal dog.


    Name:Jasper (Kiki Von Mongolia)
    DOB: 25 October 2008
    Mom: Herna
    Dad: Asterix Von Mongolia
    Breed: Pomeranian
    Color: Creme - Soft Brown
    Size: Standard

    Jasper adalah anjing pomeranian yang over-size. Untuk ukuran anjing pomeranian size standard, berat badan normalnya adalah 3-5, but Jasper sudah melewati ukuran standar itu nggak lain nggak bukan adalah karena hobby makan dan hobby laper.

    Jasper termasuk alarm dog yang cukup alert. Saking alertnya dia akan gonggong semua tukang jualan yang lewat di depan rumah, termasuk tukang ember, tukang roti, tukang balon, tukang topeng monyet, sampe tukang pijit yg pake tongkat. Dia juga akan gonggong bunyi gembok, bunyi bel, dan bunyi klakson mobil yang lewat di depan rumah.

    Untuk anjing jenis kecil, Jasper termasuk anjing yang jarang sakit. Dia pernah sakit waktu kecil karena salah dosis kasih vitamin. Dia masih 1 kiloan dan gw kasih dosis anjing 10 kilo. untung dia ngga kenapa-kenapa, cuma tidur 4 hari. Dia juga anjing yang aktif ngajak main dan lari-larian sana sini.

    Jasper adalah anjing yang pencemburu dan manja. Dia gampang cemburu kalo Sam di elus-elus. di peluk-peluk dan diajak main. Dia juga bakalan marah banget kalo digodain dan diganggu kalo lagi gigitin tulang. Selain itu, dia juga anjing yang sering minta digendong. Dia akan duduk di tangga dan gonggong untuk di gendong. Sebenernya dia anjing yang pinter, tapi kalo lagi ada maunya, misalnya pas lagi minta makanan :)

    But anyway, semua orang akan jatuh cinta sama muka polosnya kalo lagi bangun tidur.

    Roger That, God?

    Dear Big God,
    I am your little creature
    please teach me about Patience
    about your Beautiful time
    thanking YOU for every single step
    I've been through

    forgive me for being impatient
    for pushing my own hope
    stand on my own power
    without remembering the
    HOPE in You
    and let Your power work on me

    from now on,
    I surrender all

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    Benedikta Atika

    About Me

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    Back from la-la land to writing land

    It's been a while.

    The last time I wrote for my blog was in Friendster era. I guess it's quite long time ago. :) I never stop writing, I just paused. I read some books lately, I hope I can write better because the more we read, the more we can right. So, this time, it's gonna be a restart of my writing, I know there's gonna be many typos, and I'm gonna press pretty much backspace and delete button. However, I hope can I can write as much as I read.

    I'm officially welcoming myself back to my blog. :)